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Why this site and other topics.

A Propos de...

As a foreword, mighty knight of the web, you should be aware that this site is by no mean the reference site of the Cry Havoc community. Should you want to get the rich and varied material of the original game, or the one created by fans like Buxeria, please follow this link : 

Cry Havoc Fan.

So what is the purpose of  " Ke G'ned ! " ?

Personal reason  : I own all the games of the CRY HAVOC franchise since their introduction. It's basically the only boardgame/wargame I play.
What I like with CRY HAVOC is the quality of the graphics AND the roleplay aspect of the simulation.

Practical reason : This site has been created to relieve Cry Havoc Fan in terms of stored Mb, but also to provide additional material like Maps and Counters for heroic fantasy themes.

So far, it has just been the beginning and you may notice that there is not too much material, so please be patient, dear traveller, and remember the motto :

Patience is the mother of all the virtues.

About the images used for the design of counters and maps displayed on
" Ke G'ned! " .

The contents of this site comes from personal or lended books, internet sites or other sources (card games for instance).
My goal being to provide FREE
material for CRY HAVOC,
this site has NO business purposes.

The name of the designers have ben mentioned when known or cited in the sources for images used to get the Healthy and Wounded Stances, as well as for the Maps. For any other images, the authors of original designs can contact the Webmaster of "KE G'NED!" .
Any owner of copyrighted material can contact us and ask for immediate retrieval of their own designs or pictures